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Seattle Opera.

Die Walküre

The Ring on KING FM: Die Walküre

Tuesday, February 9, 2020 at 7:00 PM

Radio: 98.1 KING FM | Online:

Music and Libretto by Richard Wagner

The date here broadcast at 7:00 PM on KING FM was recorded August, 2005. Cast information and a full synopsis are found below. Whether you are new to the Ring or a long time fan, enjoy fun facts surrounding the 2005 Ring and tips on what to listen for in a blog article from dramaturg Jonathan Dean. 

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(Listed in order of appearance)

CONDUCTOR: Robert Spano

SIEGMUND, Richard Berkeley-Steele
SIEGLINDE, Margaret Jane Wray
HUNDING, Stephen Milling
WOTAN, Greer Grimsley
FRICKA, Stephanie Blythe
GERHILDE, Holly Hall
HELMWIGE, Caroline Thomas
WALTRAUTE, Stacey Rishoi
ORTLINDE, Marie Plette
SIEGRUNE, Sarah Heltzel
GRIMGERDE, Fredrika Brillembourg
ROSSWEISSE, Jennifer Hines



Violin I
Walter Schwede, Concertmaster
Simon James, Asst. Concertmaster
Jennifer Bai
Mariel Bailey
Cecilia Buss
Xiao-Po Fei
Virginia Hunt Luce
John Pilskog
Mikhail Shmidt
Clark Story
Marjorie Talvi
Jeanine Wells Yablonsky
Kyung Chee Yeung
Arthur Zadinsky

Violin II
Michael Miropolsky, Principal
Kathleen Stern, Asst. Principal
Gennady Filimonov
Stephen Bryant
Linda Cole
Wesley Fisk
Ingrid Fredrickson
Sande Gillette
Larisa Miropolsky
Eric Scott
Laurel Wells
Andrew Yeung

Dorothy Shapiro, Principal
Timothy Hale, Asst. Principal
Arie Schachter
Betty Agent
Vincent Comer
Wesley Anderson Dyring
Jan-Marie Joyce
Scott Ligocki
Laura Renz

Susan Williams, Principal
Vivian Gu, Asst. Principal
Theresa Benshoof, Asst. Principal
Bruce Bailey
Paige Bilski
Roberta Downey
Richard Eckert
Charles Jacot
Rajan Krishnaswami
Matthew Millar

Todd Larsen, Principal
Ronald Simon, Asst. Principal
Nancy Page Griffin
Joe Kaufman
Bruce Lawrence
Ben Musa
Stephen Schermer

Zartouhi Dombourian-Eby, Principal
Karla Flygare
Erin James
Kirsten G. James

Kirsten G. James
Erin James

Nathan Hughes, Principal
John DeJarnatt
Bernard Shapiro

English Horn
Glen Danielson, Principal

Christoper Sereque, Principal
Laura DeLuca
Sean Osborne

Bass Clarinet
Jennifer Nelson

Seth Krimsky
Paul Rafanelli
Michael Gamburg

Michael Gamburg

French Horn
Mark Robbins, Principal
Rodger Burnett, Asst. Principal
Adam Iascone
Susan Carroll
Benjamin Kinsman
Jeff Fair
James Weaver
Joe Berger
Larry Johnson

David Gordon, Principal
Richard Pressley
Justin Emerich

Bass Trumpet
David L. Ritt, Principal

Hamod Abu-Eid, Principal
Don Immel
Tom Joyce
Stephen Fissel

Christopher Olka, Principal

Tenor Tuba
Jeff Fair
James Weaver

Bass Tuba
Joe Berger
Sue Carroll
Larry Johnson

Michael Crusoe, Principal
Ronald Johnson

Randolph Baunton, Principal
Michael Clark
Matthew Kocmieroski
Rob Tucker

Valerie Muzzolini, Principal
John Carrington
Jill Whitman
Callista McKasson



Donna Baldwin
Emily Clubb
Karen Early Evans
Melanie Hingson
Dana Johnson
Barbara Jones
Mary McLaughlin
Eleanor Stallcop-Horrox


Celia Kerr
Jean Leavens
YeonSoo Lee
Carmen Leon
Gail Neil
Diane Radabaugh

Guy Bogar
David Bukey
Leodigario del Rosario
Michael Dudley
Gunnar Goerlitz
Thomas Green
John Gulhaugen
Auston James
Stephen Leigh Jones
Dustin Kasper
Geam Lim
Bob Leavens
Matt Lecar
Ian Lindsay
Charles Logan
Roger Longbotham
Jim Miller
Glenn Nielsen
Rick Olsen
Philip Parham
Karl Reyes
George Scott
Daniel Shelhamer
Frederick Soo
Brian Stachurski
Marlon Trigg
Vince Veile
Bryan Webb

Garry Aganesyants
Michael Beetham
Gregory Carroll
Monty Carter
Jay Cook
Michael Dunlap
James Elliott
Jon Farmer
Ryan Francis
Craig Grayson
Glenn Guhr
Tom Hingson
Leo Jackson
Gregory Lewis
Gene Ma
Gabriel McDonald
Erik Miles
Eric Molgard
Michael Monnikendam
Justin Moore
Steve Perry
Skip Satterwhite
Friedrich Schlott
Timothy Sexton
Jeremy Shilley
John Wagner
Karl Wangler
Ron Wohl
Philip Woodward
Daniel Yarr
Brett Youngquist


Full Synopsis

Act I
Siegmund, exhausted, weaponless, and pursued by his enemies, finds shelter from the storm in Hunding’s house, where Sieglinde discovers him lying on her hearth. They are immediately attracted to each other. Siegmund, refreshed, starts to leave so that the ill fate that pursues him will not harm her, but Sieglinde stops him, saying that her life, too, is plagued with misfortune. Her husband Hunding arrives and gradually realizes that Siegmund is the enemy he has been pursuing. Out of respect for the laws of hospitality, he agrees to allow Siegmund to spend the night, but vows to fight him the next day.

Left alone, Siegmund longs for the sword his father (Wotan) had promised to provide at his hour of greatest need. Having drugged Hunding, Sieglinde returns to Siegmund and tells him that on the day she was forced to marry Hunding, a stranger came to her wedding and thrust a sword into the ash tree around which the house was built. Although many have tried, to dislodge it, the sword remains there. Responding to Sieglinde’s eager questions, Siegmund tells enough about himself that she realizes the he is her twin brother. Naming the sword Nothung, Siegmund withdraws it form the tree. Sieglinde identifies herself as his sister. Siegmund claims her as his bride.

Act II
Wotan tells his favorite Valkyrie daughter, Brünnhilde, that she will fight for Siegmund in his battle with Hunding. Fricka, the goddess of marriage, objects. Outraged at the incestuous relationship between Siegmund and Sieglinde, she demands that Hunding kill Siegmund. When Wotan explains that the gods need a freely acting hero to regain the ring, Fricka retorts that Siegmund, Wotan’s son by a mortal woman, cannot be a free agent so long as he carries the magical sword Wotan has provided.

When Brünnhilde returns, Wotan tells her that, despite his ambition to use Siegmund to regain the ring, Siegmund must fall in battle. He rages that Alberich and his curse on the ring will cause the doom of the gods. Wotan orders Brünnhilde to fight Hunding.

Exhausted in flight, Sieglinde is comforted by Siegmund. Brünnhilde appears to Siegmund and announces that he will die in his battle with Hunding. When Siegmund hears that he must go to Valhalla without Sieglinde, he prepares to kill his bride first, then himself, so they can remain together in even in death. Deeply moved by Siegmund’s overwhelming love, Brünnhilde stops his upraised sword and promises to protect him in the fight.

When Hunding and Siegmund meet, Wotan sees that Brünnhilde is defying him by protecting Siegmund. Wotan steps in, shattering Siegmund’s sword with his spear and enabling Hunding to kill Siegmund. Brünnhilde gathers the fragments of Siegmund’s sword and flees with Sieglinde. Wotan kills Hunding with a wave of his hand, then pursues his disobedient daughter.

The Valkyries, on their way to Valhalla with the bodies of fallen heroes, are amazed to see Brünnhilde with a woman. Brünnhilde hastily explains that Sieglinde needs asylum from Wotan. The Valkyries suggest sending her to a part of the forest where Wotan never goes. Brünnhilde tells Sieglinde she is to bear a son, Siegfried, who will become the greatest of heroes, and Sieglinde departs, determined to save her son and taking with her the fragments of Siegmund’s sword.

Storming in, Wotan announces that Brünnhilde’s punishment for disobeying him will be the loss of her godhood. She will be put to sleep, to be awakened and claimed by the first man who sees her. Wotan dismisses her eight sisters with the warning that any of them who even come near Brünnhilde again will share her punishment.

Alone with her father, Brünnhilde pleads that she was obeying Wotan’s inner wish even when she broke his command. She begs him to protect her from any unworthy man and conceives the idea that she should be surrounded by fire so that only a hero could wake her. Wotan agrees and sadly kisses her godhood away. He calls upon Loge to surround the sleeping maiden with fire. As the flames appear, Wotan proclaims that only a hero unafraid of Wotan’s spear can claim Brünnhilde.

Add to Calendar 2/9/2021 7:00:00 PM 2/9/2021 10:00:00 PM America/Vancouver The Ring on KING FM: Die Walküre Tune into 98.1 KING FM or for a complete audio broadcast of the second opera from Wagner's the Ring. Die Walküre: February 9, 2020 at 7:00 PM. Radio: 98.1 KING FM | Online:


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