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Seattle Opera.

Seattle Opera announces the cancellation of the summer opera Pagliacci & Cavalleria rusticana. Read the statement from General Director Christina Scheppelmann to learn more about the cancellation and your tickets. 

Opera Talks

Deepen Your Knowledge

Although we’ve had to cancel our in-person events, we are recording talks and making past presentations available to share with audiences. From composer spotlights to a two-part conversation with General Director Christina Scheppelmann to chats about opera genres, dramaturg Jonathan Dean and special guest speakers are covering a variety of topics.

If you are enjoying our digital opera offerings, please make a donation to support the artists and staff that are collaborating to bring you opera in new ways.

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This Week: Opera Indulges in the Sevenly Deadly Sins

Jonathan Dean explores how opera indulges in the Seven Deadly Sins. Through music, opera has a unique ability to let us inside a character and reveal their emotions and hidden motivations, which more often than not tend toward the indecent—if not the wicked. From lustful Tannhäuser to the proud Princess Turandot, join us on this tour of some of opera’s most profligate characters.


Up Next: Composer spotlight on Mozart

Explore the works and life of Don Giovanni composer Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in the next installment of our Composer Spotlight series. Be sure to check back at Tuesday, June 9, 2020 at 7:00 PM to watch this latest Opera Talk.


Full Playlist

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  • Composer Spotlight on Mozart
  • Opera Indulges in the Seven Deadly Sins
  • Motifs, from Mozart to the Movies
  • Composer Spotlight on Mascagni
  • The History of Seattle's Opera House
  • Composer Spotlight on Puccini
  • Getting to Know our General Director (parts 1 & 2)
  • A Bird’s-Eye View: Telling the Story of Charlie Parker through Opera

Last updated June 5, 2020.