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Seattle Opera.




Stage Director: Francois Racine
Conductor: Carlo Montanaro
Set Designer: Robert Schaub
Costume Designer: Ginette Grenier
Lighting Designer: Duane Schuler
Scenery Period/Style: N/A
Year Set Built: 2015
Scene Shop: Seattle Opera Scenic Studios
Costume Period/Style: Biblical/Fantasy
Year Costumes Built: 2015
Costume Shop: Seattle Opera Costume Shop
Supertitles: Jonathan Dean


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Total Costume Rental: $22,500.00


  • Costume rental fee
  • Designer Royalty
  • Packing charges
  • Cleaning

Not Included:

  • Refundable damage deposit
  • Costume Supervisor fee and expenses including per diem, airfare and hotel. (Supervisor required for fittings and packout. Estimated minimum number of days: 6)
  • Shipping
  • Insurance Certificate

COSTUME information

Principal Women (6 costumes)
2) Abigaille (x2 – double cast)
1) Fenena
1) Anna

Principal Men (11 costumes)
3) Nabuco (x2 – double cast)
1) Ismaele
1) Zaccaria (x2 – double cast)
1) High Priest of Baal
1) Abdallo

Chorus Women (26 performers)
26) Hebrew Women
26) Babylonian Women (additional pieces over Hebrew robes)

Chorus Men (26 performers)
12) Hebrew Popolo
14) Hebrew Priests
12) Babylonian Popolo
14) Babylonian Priests (all men add pieces to become Babylonia Warriors in Act 4)

Super Men (9 performers)
4) Hebrew Soldiers
8) Babylonian Soldiers (4 of these Babylonian Soldiers add Hebrew soldier disguise pieces for 1:5 and 1:6)
1) Levite (Hebrew Priest)
1) Executioner

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