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Seattle Opera.

The Falling & The Rising

Nov. 15, 17, 20, 22, & 24, 2019

A Soldier’s Operatic Odyssey
Tickets on sale May 22


A chamber opera
Music by Zachary Redler

Libretto by Jerre Dye

The Falling and the Rising is an operatic story of service, sacrifice, and connection inside uncertainty. The opera was originally created from compiled interviews with deployed soldiers upon their return to Walter Reed National Medical Center, Arlington Cemetery, and Fort Meade. It serves as an ode to American soldiers, honoring the indomitable spirit of our military veterans and shining a light on the significance of their often untold stories.

The opera traces the inner journey of a comatose soldier after she has suffered a roadside attack. As her consciousness traverses a coma-induced dreamscape, the audience serves as both companion and witness to her journey. Along the way we share powerful encounters with fellow service members, each one on the brink of a discovery of their own. Together, they seek clarity and communal hope through their shared resilience in facing a murky and everchanging reality.

The intimate, fully-staged, 70-minute chamber opera will be performed by 5 singers and an 11-piece orchestra in Tagney Jones Hall at the new Opera Center.

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The Falling and The Rising

Tickets for The Falling and The Rising go on sale May 22. Remind Me

In English | A Chamber Opera presentation | Tagney Jones Hall at the Opera Center
Performance time: 70 minutes

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The Falling and The Rising, a new American Opera, is based upon a series of interviews with wounded warriors, active duty Soldiers, and Veterans, and seeks to share the camaraderie and values of Soldiers serving in America’s Army. It tells the story of a Soldier, posted in a conflict overseas, whose world is forever changed by an improvised explosive device shortly after a video chat with her daughter. The military doctors induce a coma to save her life. In this quasi-dream state, the Soldier envisions another combat veteran during a mandatory therapy session. Unable to communicate, the Soldier experiences but is unable to discuss the Doctor’s update of her condition - a traumatic brain injury. Later, imagining a conversation with an Army Ranger, she is reminded of the strength and resilience inherent in every Soldier. She then has a vision of a Colonel mourning the loss of his wife; soon after, she meets and takes strength from a Veteran who demonstrates his own recovery to his family’s congregation. Surrounded by her company near and far, this Soldier finds the strength she needs to go on, to return to her fellow Soldiers and her young daughter.

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About Tagney Jones Hall

The Falling and the Rising is the first fully staged theatrical event in our beautiful new 200-seat glass box space at the Opera Center, next door to McCaw Hall.


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The Opera’s History

The mission of The U.S. Army Field Band is to serve and inspire the American people by telling the Army story and honoring our Soldiers and Veterans at home and abroad. In 2015, Staff Sergeant Benjamin Hilgert of the Soldiers’ Chorus conceived of a way to carry out that mission more effectively than ever: an opera based on the true stories of active duty Soldiers.

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The Falling and the Rising is a new American opera conceived by the U.S. Army Field Band and Soldier’s Chorus.
Commissioned by: The U.S. Army Field Band and Soldiers’ Chorus, San Diego Opera, Seattle Opera, Arizona Opera, Opera Memphis and Texas Christian University.
Developed at the American Center for New Works Development at Seagle Music Colony.