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The (R)evolution of
Steve Jobs


The June 13, 2020 broadcast of this production on 98.1 KING FM was originally recorded on March 2, 2019. It features John Moore as Steve Jobs. Full cast list is available below.

Totally user-friendly.”

—LA Times
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Music by Mason Bates
Libretto by Mark Campbell

Following the world premiere’s “rapturous reception” (The Washington Post), the Grammy Award-winning smash hit makes its West Coast debut at McCaw Hall! Go behind the headlines for a “visually stunning” (ABQ Journal) examination of a flawed and hugely influential figure. When faced with his mortality, the visionary Apple co-founder revisits 18 of his most important memories in search of a perfect moment to take with him.

Mason Bates’ dazzling score features a glossy mix of lyrical and rhythmic music, combining traditional and electronic instrumentation. Mark Campbell’s compelling, funny, and touching libretto draws on universal themes of human communication and connection in its respectful yet unflinching depiction of Jobs’ innovative ideas and troublesome truths.

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© Philip Newton

Hear from the Creators

© Philip Newton

In English with English Subtitles | at McCaw Hall
Performance Time: 1 hour and 42 minutes with no intermission.

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1965: The Jobs family garage, Los Altos

Paul Jobs presents his son Steve with a workbench as a birthday present and calls it “a fine place to start.”

2007: The stage of a convention center, San Francisco

An adult Steve Jobs delivers a public launch of his company’s new product—“one device”—that will revolutionize technology. He ends his pitch noticeably weak and short of breath.

2007, directly after: Corporate offices, Cupertino

Steve retreats to his office. His wife Laurene chides him for not taking better care of himself and losing himself in his work. She asks him to return home.

2007, later that afternoon: The hills around Cupertino

Steve goes on a long meditative walk. He encounters Kōbun Chino Otogawa, Steve’s former spiritual mentor in Sōtō Zen Buddhism, who died five years before. Steve remembers something he once said: “You can’t connect the dots going forward. You can only connect them going backward.” As they gaze at the sunset, Kōbun prompts Steve to acknowledge his mortality.

1973: A class in calligraphy, Reed College, Oregon

A teacher discusses the significance of the ensō, a circle drawn in Japanese calligraphy. Steve is inspired by the aesthetic ideas of elegance and simplicity.

1973: The garage of the Jobs family home, Los Altos

Steves best friend Steve Wozniak has created a blue box, a device that allows the user to make free telephone calls. Steve and “Woz” celebrate the ease with which they think corporate giants can be toppled. 

1974: An apple orchard near L