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Library Collection Guidelines

Please note that the library cannot accept:

  • Items which are in such poor condition as to be unusable or items which have evidence of mold, mildew, or pests.
  • Unauthorized recordings of radio or television broadcasts of live opera productions made by a home listener, or photocopies of original materials.
  • Materials that require unique storage or care due to their size or format.
  • Materials with unreasonable stipulations for access or use placed on them by the donor.

What the library collects:

  • The library collects notated music (including scores, orchestral, and chorus parts) that is operatic in nature.
  • The library collects materials that assist with the production of operas in the research, planning, production, and post-production phase. This includes books pertaining to operas and composers, study scores, music, video and audio recordings, and other materials as necessary.
  • The library collects all documents deemed necessary for archival purposes or future remounts of productions. When possible, the library acquisitions these materials in a digital format.

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