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Ring Cycle III (2000-2001)

"Through its longtime commitment to Wagner, the company has nurtured an audience eager to experience the Ring as all-encompassing theater."

—Anthony Tommasini, New York Times,
    "Back to Nature In Seattle On Rhine," August 13, 2001

"Most remarkable of all was the singing. Chief among the well-chosen cast was Eaglen, who was a compelling actress, as well as a singer of radiantly easy power and resonance."

—Melinda Bargreen, Opera News,
    "Seattle Opera has forged half of its new Ring..."
    November 2000

"Every indication is that the company has a genuine triumph on its hands, a lavish operatic feast for ears, eyes, heart and mind."

—Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle,
    "Seattle ‘Ring’ cycle a triumph," August 8, 2001

"In its third production of Wagner's Der Ring des Nibelungen over the past 25 years, Seattle Opera has returned to its roots:  a concern for Wagner's text and evocation of the natural world."

—R. M. Campbell, Seattle Post-Intelligencer,
    "Seattle Opera’s Rheingold, Walküre are engrossing and
    exciting productions," August 7, 2000

"...a Ring of extraordinary beauty and theatrical vibrancy."

—Mike Silverman, Associated Press,
    "Seattle Opera stages new production of Ring cycle,"
    August 16, 2001

"Rooted in the natural world, the stunning sets by Tom Lynch and lighting by Peter Kaczorowski evoke the landscape of the Pacific Northwest..."

—Heidi Waleson, The Wall Street Journal,
    "Opera: Nature Rules in a Triumphant Ring," August 15, 2001

"When Speight Jenkins, Seattle's General Director, proclaimed that he had engaged Stephen Wadsworth to fashion a Ring combining fidelity to Wagner's scenery with inclusive, psychological acting’, he might have been chasing a dream: a second exercise in naive literalism.  But, incredibly, Seattle has produced a Ring as stirring as the Met's is anodyne."

—Joseph Horowitz, Times Literary Supplement,
    "In its natural environment," August 24, 2001

"This new Ring was a major cultural event in the city, and the cheering audiences were consistently supportive."

—Anthony Tommasini, New York Times,
    "Back to Nature In Seattle On Rhine," August 13, 2001

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Das Rheingold, 2000 © Gary Smith photo