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"With a dramatically cogent new production directed by Stephen Wadsworth, and a cast of valiant singers in other roles, this is a compelling, vocally effective treatment of Wagner's Romantic melodrama..."

—Joshua Kosman, San Francisco Chronicle,
    "A Heroic Lohengrin in Seattle," July 26, 1994

"Lohengrin's swan, a motorized replica, is beautifully managed.  A swan does not a Lohengrin make, but the minimal dignity of its movements here is emblematic of a restraint and taste common in this production."

—Bernard Holland, New York Times,
    "Lohengrin in Seattle: Minimal and Dignified," July 26, 1994

"A visually striking, musically rewarding Lohengrin (July 23) made an appropriate prelude to the return of Seattle Opera's Ring next summer."

—F.B. St. Clair, Opera News, December 10, 1994

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Photo Credit

Lohengrin, 1994 © Gary Smith photo