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Seattle Opera.

Earth to Kenzie


Music by Frances Pollock
Libretto by Jessica Murphy Moo
Co-commissioned by Seattle Opera and Lyric Opera of Chicago

Kenzie is a fifth grader with a vivid imagination and a taste for adventure. But when her home is threatened, sending her to a family shelter with her mother, her world is thrown into a newfound state of uncertainty. Faced with unwelcome questions at school, Kenzie yearns to disappear into her favorite video game—a world where the possibilities are endless and her only concern is wrangling space-kittens—but her asthma reminds her that life isn’t all starships and spacesuits. To find her home, Kenzie first has to face her fears—and realize that she’s not alone after all.

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This one-act opera charms with innovative and approachable tunes, while the memorable characters showcase the story’s themes of empathy and finding strength despite adversity. The fully staged and costumed opera is performed with professional singers and live piano accompaniment. A study guide is provided in advance, and each performance is followed by an optional post-show discussion to deepen the audience’s engagement with the opera’s message and connect it to the housing crisis that affects our community.

Book Earth to Kenzie

Performance running time: 50 minutes; includes study guide and optional post-performance discussion.

$325 sliding-scale fee per school. In-person performances coming soon!


Book a session of our early-learning program using the book A Shelter in Our Car by Monica Gunning and Elaine Pedlar. This 30-minute session will provide further context around the homelessness crisis in Seattle and the subject matter of Earth to Kenzie.

$65 sliding-scale fee per school.

A Shelter in Our Car'; Written by Monica Gunning & illustrated by Elaine Pedlar

A Shelter in Our Car

Ideal for 1st–2nd Grade | Written by Monica Gunning & illustrated by Elaine Pedlar
Lexile: AD560L
Zettie and her Mama left their warm and comfortable home in Jamaica for an uncertain life in the United Sates. With Papa gone, Mama can't find a steady job that will sustain them and so they are forced to live in their car. But Mama's unwavering love, support, and gutsy determination give Zettie the confidence that, together, she and her mother can meet all challenges.

Monica Gunning's moving and authentic story about homelessness in an American city was developed with the help of the Homeless Childrens Network in San Francisco. Elaine Pedlar's strong and lively illustrations bring the story to life in vibrant chalk pastel.

As part of our commitment to equity, Seattle Opera is dedicated to providing programs that are accessible to everyone in our community, regardless of financial standing. Seattle Opera's school programs are available at no cost to all Title I schools, and we offer highly flexible pricing to fit any school's budget. 

Creative Advantage schools can use funds provided by the program to book Earth to Kenzie. Contact us for more information.

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