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Seattle Opera.

2020/21 Performances

Creation Lab 2021 Performances: Part 2

Premieres Friday, September 10, 7:00 PM

Streaming on YouTube and right here

Seattle Opera is proud to present our first performances from the inaugural year of the Jane Lang Davis Creation Lab. In the fall of 2020, Seattle Opera launched the Creation Lab to cultivate the next generation of opera composers and librettists in Washington State. The first performance features four new works by composer and librettist teams and concludes a multi month development project that included a table reading, music workshop, and support from professional composers and librettists.

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Performance Information: Part 2

Stars Between
Libretto by E. Lily Yu
Music by Steven K. Tran

Launched in 1978, the two Voyager probes set out on a Grand Tour of the Solar System, visiting and photographing four planets and their moons. Attached to each Voyager was a golden phonograph containing images, music, and greetings from around the world. Stars Between follows the twin probes into the interstellar unknown, exploring death, beauty, wonder, space, and time. 

Libretto by Julia Sonya Koyfman
Music by Paul F. Stovall

Flush is a dark dramedy about a young woman struggling with Bulimia. A Girl runs into a public restroom, reciting her body positivity mantra with an emphasis on controlling herself. Feeling the pressure of other people's words she stops saying her mantra and prepares to make herself vomit. Suddenly she hears a voice. The Toilet is asking her why she is making herself throw up. The Girl questions her sanity, as the Toilet carries on a conversation. The Girl explains her career ambitions on stage, the pressure she is under to lose weight, and the sensation of making herself throw up. The Toilet confronts the Girl about her unhealthy behavior and not getting the help that she needs, which the Girl denies. A knock on the door interrupts the conversation and causes the Toilet to go silent. The Girl reflects on her place in the world as a body and voice, rather than an actual person. She questions her own self-hatred as Another Girl enters the restroom. The two cross paths, one entering to control herself by vomiting, and the other exiting, trying to regain control of her life by taking the first steps to love herself again. 

Achilles and Patroclus
Libretto by James T. Washburn
Music by Erika Meyer

An intimate retelling of Achilles and Patroclus’ relationship, from childhood to the events of the Iliad. It explores the nonlinear nature of relationships and how we remember them while dealing with themes of fate and choice; the intersections of loyalty, grief, and sacrifice; and how idealism and perspective change from youth to young adulthood.

Libretto by L. Juno
Music by R. Lastrapes

Magi has the power to manipulate the world around her. When she combines that talent with her passions of illusion and stage-magic, a trick goes awry, and her world is shaken. As Magi grows older, fear and self-doubt make her suppress and eventually forsake her power. The small town she lives in consistently presents obstacles, so Magi decides to leave home, only to fall prey to a sly ringmaster of a traveling circus. She travels with the outcasts for a time, until ultimately deciding to take her destiny in her own hands. Magi hops a train to New York, and as if to encourage her newfound determination, she meets CJ, the woman of her dreams. The chemistry between them is undeniable. With CJ’s support, Magi trains, regains her power, and learns to trust again. When the time comes for her debut, will she be able to overcome her biggest mistake?

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Friday, September 10, 2021 7:00 PM
Add to Calendar 9/10/2021 7:00:00 PM 9/10/2021 7:00:00 PM America/Vancouver Creation Lab 2021 Performances: Part 2 Seattle Opera is proud to present our first performances from the inaugural year of the Jane Lang Davis Creation Lab.
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Participant bios

Julia Sonya Koyfman

Julia Sonya Koyfman

Julia Sonya Koyfman is an award-winning lyricist/ librettist, screenwriter, filmmaker, comedian, and performer. Based in Seattle, Julia is actively creating New Works for the stage and Digital Theater, including the mini online musical, "Close (But Not Too Close)", for which she wrote the lyrics. In 2015, Julia founded, wrote, and performed in the "From Seattle With Love" Concert Series, a mix of music and storytelling, which showcased up-in-coming Washington musicians and performers. The series later spun off with "Why Won’t He Call Me Back: A Live Nervous Breakdown" and "Holiday Cabaret". She was a fan favorite sketch writer for the closed-circuit television/ online variety show, "Purchase Late Night", and was the co-host and head writer for the comedy talk show, "Jules and Josie In The Morning".  She holds a degree in Playwriting/ Screenwriting from SUNY Purchase and is currently a part of New Musicals Inc. in LA and The Institution for American Musical Theatre: Creators in NYC. For more info check out 


Rico Lastrapes