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Seattle Opera.

2020/21 Performances

Creation Lab 2021 Performances: Part 1

Premieres Thursday, September 9, 7:00 PM

Streaming on YouTube and right here

Seattle Opera is proud to present our first performances from the inaugural year of the Jane Lang Davis Creation Lab. In the fall of 2020, Seattle Opera launched the Creation Lab to cultivate the next generation of opera composers and librettists from Washington State. The first performance features four new 20 minute works by composer and librettist teams. These performances conclude a multi month development project that included a table reading, music workshop, and support from professional composers and librettists.

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Performance Information: Part 1

If Only I Could Give You the Sun
Libretto by Brian Dang
Music by Drew Swatosh

In a trans reimagining of the original myth, Icarus finds themselves trapped in a never-ending maze that beckons them to submit to the societal expectations of both the myth they’re known for and of the expectations of their body. They’re accompanied by Daedalus, who shifts in and out as she struggles to figure out what Icarus wants for themselves. Finally, with acceptance and the willingness to take the risk of flying, they build Icarus’s wings together. Doubts threaten to drown Icarus, but eventually Icarus flies and escapes the rigid maze and claims the agency over their body.

Libretto by Kyleigh Archer
Music by Christopher Reed

People who did not evacuate must leave their homes as fire fighters move in. Dreams and memories come to life in their last moments before the fire develops into a monster and leaves the people with nothing but the dust they live in.

Of a Feather
Libretto by Mirabai Kukathas
Music by Chess Albaneze

After a lifetime of grueling work in the coal mines, a canary is set free. She emerges from the deep, dark mine into the light of the sun. But, the mines have taken their toll and this canary is very sick: her lungs are full of coal dust, her wings are torn, and she can barely sing. But, she has hope: she’s heard legends of a magic flower that can heal any illness and she’s determined to find it. Over the course of her quest, she meets a snake, a wolf, and an eagle, all of whom belittle her pain and charge outrageous prices for their help. Of a Feather is an original fable about the American healthcare system, inspired by the real-life experiences of librettist Mirabai Kukathas and composer Chess Albaneze.

Libretto by Aaron Jin
Music by Elise Winkler

The opera starts with young Sam and his father in a cave. When a heated disagreement culminates in harsh words that can’t be taken back, the cave collapses and separates them. Alone, the two of them must separately reconcile with family, choice, and the other person in the relationship. By the end, we may hope, in spite of earlier events, to see the two of them together again. 

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Thursday, September 9, 2021 7:00 PM