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The Consul


“Seattle Opera revives a gripping, polished Consul, delivering a timely message [and] starring many standout voices. … The production moves from strength to strength, with solid musical, dramatic, and visual values. Much of the excitement comes from the powerful singing and acting of Marcy Stonikas as Magda Sorel. She pours that big, resonant voice and a huge wave of emotion into the central role; Stonikas has a voice that can really thrill; we feel her fear, her fury, and her resignation. … Other former Young Artists include Alex Mansoori, whose brilliant shenanigans as the magician Nika Magadoff provide a welcome counterpoint; and, memorably, Sarah Larsen [in a] triumphant turn as the heartless Secretary. Lucille Beer, heard last summer as Erda in the Ring, is wonderful in every respect as the Mother. … Peter Kazaras’ staging is both vividly realistic and imaginative. … [Maestro] Carlos Montanaro knows how to create an edgy energy in the sound. … This production is a gem with dramatic ideas aplenty.”
–Melinda Bargreen, The Seattle Times


“A FABULOUS opera. Marcy Stonikas was phenomenal! The orchestra, the sets, the voices all made for an evening of performance perfection! My drive back to Port Townsend went quickly! The images, singing, etc. were swirling in my head..a wonderful trip home!”
-Carolyn H. via Facebook


“Electrifying! Menotti’s opera packs a wallop. … [It] requires fine acting as much as fine singing, and each performer delivered to high standard in both. Stage director Peter Kazaras brings his usual unerring eye for detail to this production.”
–Philippa Kiraly, CityArts


“I was thrilled to see this beautiful and powerful performance!”
–Denise L. via Facebook


The Consul is a really good opera, a really, really good piece of theater (deservedly winning the Pulitzer Prize in 1950), and a perfectly, terribly relevant story about today. … The music is sometimes lush, melodic, pop-Puccini-esque; at other times it’s somber, spare, relentless. … The fantastically talented soprano Marcy Stonikas is Magda Sorel, a hunky torso-revealing Michael Todd Simpson is her freedom fighter husband John. … A sizzling Sarah Laresen [is] the Secretary. … [With] perfect mid-century costumes [and] Kafkaesque lighting and sets.”
–Rebecca Brown, The Stranger


“Big drama. Stunningly sung. #EdgeOfOurSeats!”
–Merridawn D., via Twitter


A heck of a compelling show.
–Gavin Borchert, Seattle Weekly

Feb. 22 - Mar. 7, 2014

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