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An astounding achievement. Seattle Opera's grandly scaled Elektra offers gooseflesh thrills. This stunning production highlights both action and the strength of Strauss's score. … [Maestro] Lawrence Renes achieves the feat of drawing gloriously vital and seemingly unrestrained playing from the large orchestra without ever drowning the voices. … The orchestra fulminates around the frequently ravishing tone of Janice Baird, [for] a triumphant result. A strongly cast drama of rich psychological penetration. … One of the most comprehensively moving and beautiful opera productions that I can remember experiencing.
-Bernard Jacobson, The Seattle Times
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"Seattle Opera’s production is gripping, emotional, and mesmerizing. Janice Baird smoldered with outbursts like a dangerous volcano always on the verge of eruption. On Sunday it was Jayne Cassleman, a more abandoned and noticeably vulnerable Elektra. Both are excellent actresses, with dramatic voices and superb vocal technique. … The whole is tied together by fine musical direction from Maestro Renes. … This is a superb production with two superb casts, a tour de force that leaves its listener as spent as the singers at the close."
-Philippa Kiraly, Seattle Post-Intelligencer
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“Seattle Opera's production of Elektra gives plenty of bang for the buck. … Soprano Janice Baird makes her West Coast debut in a stunning fashion. Her Elektra is tragic and convincing, her voice sweet even at its most powerful. … Mezzo Rosalind Plowright delivers a psychological masterpiece as Klytemnestra, agonized between killing and the ruin of her life. … Costumer Melanie Taylor Burgess here creates a terrific wrap which clings to the Queen like a shriveled shroud. … And as Elektra's sister, Irmgard Vilsmaier is the perfect example of someone who's retreated beyond reach into denial. … The crowing glory of Elektra is Richard Strauss' score: big, demanding, difficult and disturbing. The orchestra's brass and expanded woodwind played cleanly and dramatically.”
-Rosemary Ponnekanti, The Tacoma News Tribune
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Oct. 18 - Nov. 1, 2008

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