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The Encore Society

The Encore Society is a special group that honors and recognizes donors who have included Seattle Opera in their legacy plans. More than 180 members strong, their gifts represent a range of sizes. There is no minimum amount to be a member, as all gifts are welcome and important to Seattle Opera. What they all have in common is a desire that part of their legacy be a vibrant opera company for future generations.

Below is a list of our Encore Society membership as of December 1, 2012. Our thanks to our Encore Society members for their generous support. For more information about legacy giving and the Encore Society, please contact Jessica Breitbarth at 206.676.5534 or email at

Anonymous (30)
Charles and Barbara Ackerman
Gary N. Ackerman and Robin Dearling
John Akamatsu
Reverend and Mrs. John M. Allen
Linda and Tom Allen
Margaret Almen
Robert L. and Rosemarie Anderson
Ms. Laura Arpiainen
Ronald Barensten and Rachael Black
David W. Barker
Mary L. Bass
Dr. Janet Beckmann and the late Dr. George Beckmann
Jean Berry
Jack and Connie Bloxom
Neil M. and Kathleen Bogue
Patricia L. Bostrom
Sandra Boyd
Joseph Brancucci and William Carley
F. H. Braymer
Dr. and Mrs. David V. Brown
Marshall and Jane Brown
Ralph E. Bruno
Lynn Buell
Sarah H. Burdell
William B. and Ann Burstiner
Louis Burzycki
Betty R. Carter
Jean Cho and David Mankoff
Mrs. Heinke Clark
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence W. Clarkson
Jan Condit
Norma B. Croco
Tavia Crowder
James and Wendy Cullen
William and Laurie Daniel
Nancy Davies
John and the late Carmen Delo
Lorraine del Prado and Thomas Donahue
Sharon Demuth
Susan Detweiler and Alexander Clowes
Fred and Adele Drummond
Ilga Jansons and Michael Dryfoos
Sandra B. Dunn
Ann R. Eddy
Patricia Edwards
Karl and Carol Ege
Anna F. Egidy
In memory of H. Wendell Endicott
William Etnyre and David Claus
Jane and Thomas Fadden
Jim and Gretchen Faulstich
A. H. Feige Jr.
Lyn and Paul Fenton
Jack and Dorothy Fidler
Susan and Thomas Fife
Jack and Marsha Firestone
Russell and Nancy Fosmire
Ernest and Elizabeth Frankenberg
Carole Fuller and Evan Schwab
Dr. Lena Furgeri
Gloria Gagne
Dr. Sharon M. Galbraith
Gail J. Gazda
Diana Gale and Jerry Hillis
Donna Gathany
Natalie Gendler
Dr. and Mrs. Robert P. Gibbons
Rebecca C. Gillette
Dr. Ulf G. and Ingrid A. Goranson
Claire and Michael Gordon
Mark J. Gralia
John Andrew Hackley
Jeffrey and Rosario Hanna
Larry Hanna
Christine R. Hansen and Peter T. Hurd
Karen Hansen
Roy Harsh
Jenny Hartley
Roger Henderson
Sylvia H. Hobbs
Julia L. Hodson
Frank and Katie Holland
Dr. Kennan Hollingsworth and the late Dr. Phyllis Bagdi
Marilyn Holstad
Horace and Lois Hopkins
Barbara Howell
Jan Jarvis
Speight Jenkins
Julia G. Johansen

Vincent M. Jolivet
H. David Kaplan
Suzanne Dressler Kellar
Sandra and John Labadie
Michelle Labrie-Ripple
Eric and Jan Lamers
Consuelo F. Larrabee
Gary M. Law
Rosemary Leong-Miller and Robert Miller
Marjorie J. Levar
Lady M. Boswell Lindal
Thomas D. Loftus
Lynne Lovejoy
Mr. Everil E. Loyd Jr. and the late Vesta Loyd
Elizabeth A. Marcoe
William B. Maschmeier and Patricia Haggerty
David and the late Leslie Mattson
Elisabeth McKee
Carroll C. McMasters
Ann H. Milam
Colonel Norman D. Miller
Carolyn and Roger N. Miller
Robert C. Milnor
Rosalie B. Minier
Lin Murphy
Nadine and John Murray
Nancy P. Narraway
John F. and Laurel Nesholm
Bruce W. Novark M.D., D.D.S.
Pamela A. Okano
Richard Q. Opler
Sarah M. Ovens
Dolores J. Palomo
Patricia S. Parrent
William and Carol Parsons
Ralph W. Peoples
Steve Phelps
Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Purdy
Megan Pursell
Dennis and Margaret Purvine
Erica Rayner-Horn
Eloise and Glen Rice
Joyce C. and Saul Rivkin
John and Charlotte Robins
Mr. and Mrs. N. Stewart Rogers
Michael and Cheryl Rolland
Sharon Romm
Gladys and the late Sam Rubinstein
Martha Lou Allan Sampson
Irwin and Barbara Sarason
Dr. Carolyn Scheve
James L. Schindler
Christopher L. Myers and Judith Schoenecker
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth L. Schubert Jr.
Allen and Virginia Senear
Evelyn E. Simpson
Joan Snelson
John and Rose Southall
Stephen A. Sprenger
Margaret T. Stanley and the late Thomas P. Bleakney
Dr. and Mrs. Alexander R. Stevens
Duane and Barbara Swank
Maureen Swanson
Donald and Gloria Swisher
Delma Tayer
Beryl A. Thompson
Ian L. Thompson, M.D.
Russell F. and Sarah M. Tousley
Mr. and Mrs. Roland M. Trafton
Evelyn M. Troughton
Rae Tufts
James and Karen Unkefer
Muriel A. Van Housen
Sharon F. Van Valin
Moya Vazquez
Jean B. Viereck and Robert S. Leventhal
Jay and Susanne Wakefield
Bill and Carol Warren
Karola Watson
Raleigh Watts
Douglas Weisfield
Robert D. Welden and Jeffrey A. Watts
Judith A. Whetzel
Julie Wieringa
Naomi Wilson Family
James and Felicity Wornast
Carolynne and Phil Wright
Jim Yancy
Charles A. Zaragoza

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La Traviata, 2009 © Rozarii Lynch