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Production: Jonathan Miller
Stage Director: David Ritch
Conductor: Andreas Mitisek
Set Designer: Isabella Bywater
Costume Designer: Ray Diffen and Isabella Bywater
Lighting Designer: Duane Schuler
Scenery Period/Style: 1820's/ Realistic
Year Set Built: 2002
Scene Shop: Santa Fe Opera
Costume Period/Style: 1820's Russian splendor
Year Costumes Built: 1977, refurbished in 2002
Costume Shop: Metropolitan Opera/Santa Fe Opera/Seattle Opera



The set is no longer available.  Please see Costume Rental Information Below.



Please note that the following information pertains to Chorus, Super and Dancer costumes ONLY.  For Principal costume rental information, please contact Santa Fe Opera.


  • Total Costume Rental: $18,100.00
  • Costume Rental Fee
  • Packing charges
  • Cleaning
Not Included:
  • Refundable damage deposit
  • Costume Supervisor fee and expenses including per diem, airfare and hotel. (Supervisor required for fittings and packout.)
  • Shipping
  • Insurance Certificate

Costume Breakdown:

CHORUS WOMEN (54 costumes)

  • 18) Act I Peasant women
  • 18) Act II Party dresses
  • 18) Act III Ball gowns

CHORUS MEN (54.5 costumes)

  • 18) Act I Peasant men
  • 5) Act II Green uniforms
  • 13.5) Act II Party suits
  • 6) Act III Black uniforms
  • 11) Act III Evening wear
  • 1) Act III Spanish Ambassador

SUPER WOMEN (2 costumes)

  • 2) Maids

SUPER MEN (2 costumes)

  • 2) Servants

DANCERS (2 costumes)

  • 1) Dancer Lady
  • 1) Dancer Gentleman

CREW (6 costumes)

  • 1) Peasant maid
  • 5) Peasant servants


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