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Amfortas, king of the Grail Knights, gives his fellow knights sustenance by revealing the Holy Grail. He reigns by order of his father, Titurel, who founded the company of the Grail Knights. An evil magician, Klingsor, tries to destroy the order by seducing its members and then wounding them. He accomplished this feat with Amfortas himself, wounding him when Amfortas fell into the arms of a seductress. Parsifal, an innocent, sees both the Grail ceremony and the wounded Amfortas without comprehension. Later, however, when he, too, lies in the arms of Kundry, the seductress who caused Amfortas’s wound, he feels Amfortas’s pain and violently rejects Kundry. His rejection allows him to win back from Klingsor the Holy Spear, stolen when Amfortas was wounded. He makes his way back to the Grail, is anointed King of the Grail, heals Amfortas, and gives Kundry, who was in an evil enchantment, the peace she has sought.

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Parsifal, 2003 © Rozarii Lynch