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Opera 101

What do you know about opera?

You probably know more about opera than you think you do. After all, opera has influenced nearly all other forms of popular entertainment—from Broadway musicals to Hollywood movies, and from television commercials to classic cartoons. It’s hard to imagine major motion pictures—from Star Wars to The Lord of the Rings—without the Wagnerian, operatic sound of their passionate musical scores to sweep you away.

When it comes to the ultimate sensory experience, nothing feeds your ears, eyes, mind, and heart more than opera. Given today’s multimedia-craving culture, no wonder this all-in-one performance art continues to be popular. But before you run out to discover the thrill of opera for yourself, it pays to do a little homework first to enhance your knowledge and enjoyment of what you’re about to see. Read on.

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The Marriage of Figaro YAP, 2005 © Rozarii Lynch photo