A sensuous tale of obsession and revenge, portraying one of opera's most exotic and seductive women.

Basing it on the Oscar Wilde play, Richard Strauss wrote his greatest opera, Salome, with a score that is fittingly voluptuous, seductive, and decadent. Performed without intermission and including the "Dance of the Seven Veils," Salome is a study of one young woman's obsession that builds to a frenzied, erotic, and inevitable conclusion. The indulgent and relentless Salome will be sung by Nina Warren, who has performed the role in Germanyís major opera houses. Peter Kazaras will sing King Herod and Richard Paul Fink will portray the ill-fated Jokanaan (John the Baptist). Seattle Symphony Music Director Gerard Schwarz will conduct and Seattle Repertory Theatre Artistic Director Sharon Ott will direct.

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