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Sara de Luis

Sara de Luis


Starting in Madrid with Luisillo's Spanish Dance Theater, Sara has been a recognized performer in ballet, Spanish dance and flamenco. She toured the world with Ximenez-Vargas Ballet Español, The William Carter Dance Ensemble, and The First Chamber Dance Company of New York, working directly with great choreographers such as Anthony Tudor, Anton Dolin, Agnes DeMille, and José Limón. She has performed as a solo artist with the symphony orchestras of Seattle, Chicago, Las Vegas and New York. Sara created productions of Spanish dance including Pasion, Sara y Sus Amantes, and Homenaje, a historical theater-dance honoring the great figures of 20th century Spanish dance, which she toured in the United States and Mexico. She has received several grants for choreography, including one from the Rockefeller Foundation for Cultural Exchange. Sara began working with Seattle Opera in 1980 in La Traviata and choreographed the Carmen productions of 1982, 1987, and 2003. She performed and choreographed for La Traviata here in 2009. She has also choreographed for the Portland, Tacoma and Cincinnati operas, and co-choreographed Kansas City Ballet's production of Carmen to the Schedrin score. A highly regarded teacher and coach, she serves on the faculty of Pacific Northwest Ballet. She is now working on a restaging of her successful Homenaje production of Spanish classical dance and flamenco for companies in the United States and Mexico.

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