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Staff Directory

Aidan Lang
General Director
Kelly Tweeddale
Executive Director
Lisa Bury
Director of Development
Jonathan Dean
Director of Public Programs and Media
Aren Der Hacopian
Director of Artistic Administration
Vincent A. Feraudo
Director of Production
Alvin Alexander Henry
Director of Marketing and Communications
Barbara Lynne Jamison
Director of Education and Community Engagement
Richard A. Johnson
Chief Financial Officer
Melanie G. Ross
Director of Artistic Operations and
Season Planning
Robert D. Schaub
Technical and Facilities Director
Nancy Del Villar Vive
Director of Human Resources




Mary Brazeau
Executive Assistant to Aidan Lang
Cathi Turner
Executive Assistant to Kelly Tweeddale and Melanie Ross
Ernesto Alorda
Artist Relations Manager
Raluca Marinescu
Acting Artists Relations Manager
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Jessica Breitbarth
Planned Giving Officer
Jackie Ernst
Capital Campaign Manager

Annual Giving and Donor Services

Rob Wiseman
Associate Director of Development
Marcella Morrow
Donor Communications Manager
Ilona Davis
Donor Stewardship Manager
Michael L. Moore
Financial Services Coordinator
Jacob Roy
Development Associates
Erica McIntyre
Development Intern

Individual Giving

Allison Rabbitt
Associate Director of Development—Individual Giving
Bonita Hagbom, Tracy Reich
Individual Giving Officers
Nicholas Walls
Development Research Manager
Annie Walters
Individual Giving Manager
Catherine Merlo
Individual Giving Associate

Institutional Giving

Christine Johnson-Duell
Grant Writer
Alex Kyger
Corporate Giving Manager

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Mark Allwein
School Programs Manager
Andrew Goldstein
Administrative Coordinator
Kristina Hammer
Opera Goes to School Program Coordinator
Nick Malinowski
Community Programs Manager
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Jeremiah Marks
Marissa Betz-Zall
Senior Accountant
Randee Byrd
Payroll Manager
Socorro Manuel-Alpuerto
Finance Administrator
Ella Erickson
Accounts Payable Associate
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Marketing and Communications

Kristina Murti
Associate Director of Marketing
Ed Hawkins
Marketing Manager/Copywriter
Brittany Behrens
Digital Marketing Manager
Karin Kough
Graphic Designer
Lindsey Morck, Ksenia Popova
Marketing Coordinators

Media Relations

Jessica Murphy Moo
Communications Editor
Gabrielle Nomura
Media Relations Manager
Monte Jacobson
Media Relations Coordinator
Emmy Ulmer
English Captions Titlist

Sales and Services

Michelle M. Carrasquillo
Associate Director of Marketing, Sales and Services
Tony Kay
Ticket Office Supervisor
Dana Pompa
Ticketing Operations Specialist
Emily van der Harten
Patron Services Representative
Justine Thayer
Subscriber Relations Coordinator
Gail Baraff, Stephen Jackson, Debra McKinney, Isaac Novak, Michael Seidel, Kylie Steinbach, N. Donn Talenti, Catrina Vroman, Kathryn Wahlberg
Ticket Agents

Direct Sales

Dan Murphy
Direct Sales Manager
Bernard Pack
Direct Sales Assistant Manager
Mary Hobbs, Albert Sanders
Senior Account Representatives
Tom Barnes, Lindsey Gander, Erin Hart, Virginia Jackson, James Lewis, Toni Zeigler
Account Representatives
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Angie Kamel
Assistant Production Director
Paula Podemski
Production Supervisor
Emma Watt
Production Administrative Assistant
Karolina Kalemba
Production Administration Intern

Stage Management

Yasmine Kiss
Production Stage Manager
Mike Janey, Thea Railey
Assistant Stage Managers
Julianna Brei-Crawley
Production Assistant
Anders Larsen
Stage Management Intern


Sarah Kern Potter
Music Administrator
Philip A. Kelsey
Assistant Conductor
David McDade
Head of Coach-Accompanists
John Keene
Emily Bolton
Music Assistant/Company Librarian
Beth Kirchhoff
Chorusmaster Emeritus


Susan I. Davis
Costume Shop Manager
Heidi Zamora
Costume Show Manager
Ieva Ohaks
Costume Rental-Stock Coordinator
Sophy Wong
Costume Assistant
Mary Ellen Walter
Lead Cutter
Shanna Parks
Cynthia Abbott, Denise Barry
First Hands
Kate Hartman, Yoko Niendorf
Lia Surprenant
Crafts Supervisor
Ron Erickson
Wardrobe Head
Madeleine DeGracia
Assistant Wardrobe Head
Scott Arend, Christy Kazimour
Wardrobe Attendants

Hair & Makeup

Liesl Alice Gatcheco
Hair & Makeup Manager
Shelby Adele Rogers
Lead Principal Hair & Makeup Artist
Ashli Danielle, Calli Dey, Ashlee Naegle, Trisha Partida, Eva Robins
Principal Hair & Makeup Artists
Patti Barila-Wilmot, MJ Fjellestad
Hair & Makeup Artists
Mae Saul
Hair & Makeup Assistant Manager
Krista Kammerzell
Hair & Makeup Intern
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Technical Administration

Robert F. Reynolds
Associate Technical Director
Chris Reay
Assistant Technical Director
Connie Yun
Assistant Lighting Designer
Linda Kenworthy
Properties Coordinator
Alicia Moriarty
Technical Financial Administrator

Stage Crew

Charles T. Buck
Master Stage Carpenter
Jack F. Harrison
Assistant Master Stage Carpenter
Justin Lloyd
Head Flyman
Scot Allison, Chris Balducci, Jason Balter, Dallas Duell, Ian Gardner, Adam Lantz, Jason Wagoner
Assistant Stage Carpenters
Jim Nash
Master Electrician
Martin Cunningham
Assistant Master Electrician
Desirae Brownlee, Chris Dimoff, Jim Gable
Assistant Electricians
Petrude W. Olds, Jr.
Properties Master
Sandy Burke
Assistant Properties Master
Jason Montgomery
Properties Assistant
Candy Solie
Lightboard Operator
Jack Burke
Master Sound Technician/Designer
Dave Holt
Audio/Video Supervisor

Scenic Studios

Michael Moore
Scenic Studios Manager
Phillip Lienau
Associate Resident Scenic Designer
Bruce Warshaw
Master Scenic Carpenter
George Howard Jr.
Assistant Master Scenic Carpenter
Scott Staheli
Lead Scenic Carpenter
Kitty Kavanaugh
Master Scenic Artist
Rick Araluce, Susannah Anderson
Lead Scenic Artists
Jamie Easter

Facilities and Operations

Claudia Gallagher
Associate Facilities Director
Cynthia Moore
Facilities and Technical Assistant

Information Systems

Kristina Austin
IT Manager
Iain Quigley
Desktop and User Support Technician
Stuart McLeod
Software Systems Administrator
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