About Us

Board of Trustees

John F. Nesholm
Maryanne Tagney
Gary Houlahan
Jonathan Caves
Chairman Emeritus
William P. Gerberding
Vice Presidents
  • Brenda Bruns, M.D.
  • Steven A. Clifford
  • James D. Cullen
  • Robert Fries
  • Diana Gale
  • Richard Gemperle
  • Ron Hosogi
  • Kelly Jo MacArthur
  • Brian Marks
  • Louise Miller
  • Steven C. Phelps
  • James David Raisbeck
  • Jonathan Rosoff
  • Stephen A. Sprenger
  • John Sullivan
  • William T. Weyerhaeuser
  • Willie C. Aikens
  • Richard Albrecht
  • Thomas H. Allen
  • Kim A. Anderson
  • Toby Bright
  • Gregory Chan, M.D.
  • Robert Comfort
  • Janice C. Condit
  • Charles B. Cossé
  • Susan Coughlin
  • Susan Detweiler, M.D.
  • Carolyn Eagan
  • Lily Garfield
  • Paul Goodrich
  • Jeffrey Hanna
  • Jim L. Hodge
  • Kennan Hollingsworth, M.D.
  • Mary Justice
  • Jay Lapin
  • Thomas A. Lemly
  • Laura Lundgren
  • Bruce R. McCaw
  • Tom McQuaid
  • James Melhorn
  • Rosemary W. Peterson
  • Tom Puentes
  • Matthew Segal
  • John Starbard
  • Russell F. Tousley
  • James Uhlir
  • Moya Vazquez
  • Susanne Wakefield
  • Joan S. Watjen
  • Judith A. Whetzel
  • Scott Wyatt
Representatives To the Board
  • Peggy O'Brien-Murphy, Seattle Opera Guild
  • Gail Neil, Seattle Opera Chorus
  • Ryan Barnes, BRAVO! Club
  • Tim Hale, The Seattle Symphony and Opera Players' Association

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